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Essay #9

An Epistle to Rep. Luke Messer on the 11th of this month, October, in the year 2017

Luke’s way of handling locals not losing money to immigrants, but health care because of long unnecessary hours at work…

So thus the Tyrants of the 1 percent strike: Taxation without representation…

The problem I have with your statement is “our country”. We are far removed from the ancestors that fought for their rights in this country. And I don’t know your family history, Rep. Luke Messer, but mine were indentured in my adoptive family–I can’t speak about my birth family because I don’t know them.

I think you are grossly simplifying that struggle and the offset of indigenous peoples which your comment disrespects and will continue to disrespect. In an American Literature class, at college, a professor of mine asked a great question in terms of Literature, what is “American”. I think if you were to have any inclination towards history you would understand that it is “immigrant”. You sir, have as much right to this land as I do–and in saying that it isn’t much. I’m sure if you were to search your family history you would agree that through the concepts of manifest destiny and the atrocities in our own state which you choose to ignore made Native Americans suffer. At the state house you could start by changing the name of our state since folks like William Henry Harrison and Mad Anthony Wayne insured that we will almost never find a Native American in what? What was their hunting ground.

What about tax payers dollars that are misspent federally by our ole’ friend Pence. In fact I have a notion to ask you, “Can I not pay my taxes to your state this year?” If we are going to have representatives misspend funds that I am paying so they can have vacations when there are real issues you need to address, sir, then count me out of this mess. I am going to the peace corp to utilize my skills elsewhere as I consider your atrocity of what you feel best represents your people as an outrage.

Respectively Submitted,

–If our representative had any part of a brain he would understand that most of the working class in his state are working 70+ hours to try and get ahead, while they “our right politicians” take all expenses paid vacations on hard earned tax payers dollars so they can boycott a ridiculous sport; if you can prove to me that the gross accumulation of wealth held by sports members are actually helping anyone when they live in multiple mansions when we have homelessness then I am all ears. Try to prove to me that denying immigrants in a way in any state is helping the issue we have. I might lose money but they aren’t doing anything to help me get ahead and ensuring my health so I can help my family. The only thing it is doing is tackling one ecological issue of footprint, and all that is doing is making over population worse elsewhere because of our great advances in medicine.

Write your representatives and inform yourselves.


Poem #135

DECENCY: An Epistle on the Passing of the Religious Freedom Act
in Indiana, 25 March 2015

What do I know, of love,
in the middle of the fields?
An owl asks in a hoot, “Who?”
I fear I go with women and men.
Merriam-Webster says she knows,
about the color gray.
There are shades of gray
on the southern horizon,
blue-gray, pearl layers with gray
in the background clouds that fan out into the
foreground where I drove.
There is dung flung into feed the fields,
workers working in a factory,
or a work-study working on a graduate degree, maybe.
A social science teacher teaches me
we have enough (enough bureaucracy).
Decency, decency is
when human is humane is
when cruelty will end,
from the egg to now.