Fiction #2

World Building Draft 1(Preliminary)
Workshop 14 October 2017

Elms, like this one Benjamin
Harrison planted in Glen Miller Park,
are all dead, if not for a leaf eating beetle,
then, the Dutch disease. The limbs
have no leaves, yet all
the trunks are still standing
reminding they were once
living between worms and birds,
dead pathways that the ancients
reminded, “once carried
the dead up to the stars.”
They never mention
what happens to gods striding down from the Cosmos
in its bark to be born out from the roots on the trunk
out in a stem blossoming out of a flower blossom.

Sure I walk by plenty of Bellerophons
that have not made it to the clouds
around the apex of Olympus
blind because of a fly.

Trees burnt into the tar
where feet used to traipse.


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