Essay #8


With all the posts about “disrespecting” the flag I think about how we started creating it when we were torturing Native Americans that still do not have the same rights extended to them on reservations, and essentially forcing their mass-exodus across Wayne County at the hands of Mad Anthony. The red can stand for many things including those we misplaced for Manifest destiny. Thereby killing off of people with our diseases and the harsh situations they faced along the trail of tears, on the passing of Indigenous People’s day. I started thinking,  Do I really want to respect the flag? Then, I thought of the Statue of Liberty–there’s a lady I am disrespecting that needs my help. She can be a symbol I can believe in. Then Woody Guthrie came to mind as he often does these days since Fred Trump’s excuse of a son is in the Fake Tanning office–Good luck to the next guy getting oompa-loompa toned orange spray out of the highest office of the states.

P.S. Do I have to pay taxes if Pence continues to use mine and other tax payers money inappropriately? And well, hell, football was a ridiculous sport anyway. Maybe if we boycott all sports we could put a proper roof over the stadiums and turn them into affordable housing in inner cities for the homeless. Then we could take the extra millions and take away some of the players houses, since really no one needs more than one and maybe they could start to feel how the rest of the little people live, and generate enough revenue to improve infrastructure and education.

This land is your land…


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