Poem #101

Before you were peeled away…

You are listening to them kissing before college class,
you are on the bed,
you are underneath her pants,

you are black nylon around
her hips,

horizontal and perpendicular,
you are for “his” hands only,
he will hit you,
you will glide pass her asshole,

you are pulled down in a knot
constrained between

his knuckles and her pelvis

you will be in their way,
you will be moist,
you will absorb the sweat from her vulva
before he will pull you away from her sex.

You feel the side of his cock
having his way.

You would be last,
last to be strewn into burnt umber of the hard wood floor,
last of a textile order that starts with heavy shirts,
last of an array that did conceal all their voluptuous flesh from one another till the end before you were peeled away.

Reality is unbearable,
is sharp on a sponge
against boxer briefs
begging the sound of that moment when
a brat drops down her book bag.
Then, they can begin
the real lesson.


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