Poem #93

If we have sex like married couples…

“…it was just something that happened…”

from “Blues For Dante Aligheri”, by Kim Addonizio

Lust rose from wanting so lost
secrets only spill over the sheets,
once bottom submits to paddle for cost,
and leather having smacked these cheeks in repeated beats,

a servant surrenders to his top
a mischievous menu posing please and calling crop.

Conceive of a cuffed corset,
tongue tastes her clit, what else has she got
but phallus of a finger that diddling in curls towards her G-Spot
till desire concedes in her screams, “I want your cock, I’m so wet.”

Imagine his knob naturel
‘neath a lit wick of a candle
from which hot wax fell
to feel his shaft with such sultry stream
to hold his head, to elicit cum cream
you rub into the love muscle,
is this how the wedded waltz horizontal?

Deviant, my darling,
even extra-marital,
we reward our freakish pleasure, we diverge from couples with a ring,
perverse in our slap and tickle.

O mighty tailor, O majesty of fate,
do not alter one kink of my strange and sensuous mate.


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