Poem #49

From the Annals of Starbucks:
mise en scene, coffee with a doctor…

I. Internal Dialogue

A brunette had an eye on me,
and I cried, see?
I am not some other Odysseus,
who will fall prey to Venus;
not for any of the golden apples:
the golden, the Greek, and the delicious
of a race.


II. Criticism of The Vampire

Tannhauser and her met their demise,
when a sorcerer misread the lies
of a dormant bough.

This progresses in the pudding;
Swinburne’s, the poem, when one knight sees
Venus, wed his death-bed bride, sleeping with other guys,
she cries at the death of her,
when they lie with one and other.

April 26, 2015




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