Poem #39

Open Mic Night…

“…But you can’t stay here.”
lyric by Semisonic, from “Closing Time”

When we whisper or whippoorwill
through sulfuric shade– the color
of gran gala liquor.

Many juke box tunes tantalize.
The bar barrels down by the depot
Some singles masquerade.
Claps tip plastic and mighty mugs
How many dudes does it take to get laid?
Some shadows of maidens slap their thighs.

Tune to stations that satisfy
Whiskey and spirits electrify
the tender timbers of torture tank
and the merry march: chasing a car
and shelters near and far
Brine on a chair
A maid and hotel share shock of service affair
Elstro effervescent at a bongo
the muscle absent tugs
how each one deserves hugs,
the amable Augustin cuts rugs
Micah meets me in his love chair
and one wonders from a sofa
where to keep singing fa and la,
closing time troubadours curse and swear
where do ones keep ships of a sailor?
And at your dock I watch a magnific day
fade away.

May 22, 2015


2 thoughts on “Poem #39

  1. Weird, I get the same way. I’ll start a flow and a random song lyric will play off in my mind as if it should be included. *and another one* is an ode to an old Ashanti song I heard in the 8th grade that wanted to be included mysteriously

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