Poem #35

For Kaylyn Flora


Out of the lough, again,
finding no crab that bit Heracles.
What is in this Cancer’s place?

Are you water?
Heat and water become a fog, or mist.
You must be air.

You will not take from a secondary source, cousin scholar,
nor live through the eyes of Cadavers,
you will have an abundance of primary voices.

You never know what you have.
So, how do you lose it?
This is what the bards pass down
from their torture cells.

Daphne keeps running from
Diana, when she speaks to Pan.
Agreus keeps running from Pan
when Pan speaks to Diana.

What do we see when watching
the female warrior, with
the sign of Aries,
the sign of ox and bull?

Tell, do tell, about ardor.
No matter the chase, be the poetess
you have always been, and stay
to your Vedic of honesty,

There are many patrons at our court,
fellow Troubadour. Hindsight is
negative four on the national blindness scale.
When we cannot see, open up to the Druids,

and Tiresias, and you will be
rewarded, this day, in the gift of the word.
May you find tranquility in the pure light
of Diana, on the paper and through our ink-sword.

My dear friend, your kindness is noticed
and you are unique, dear poetess.


What flora in Richmond would a traveler find?
The chicory on a July roadside?
Magnolias? Roses? Daisies?
Which one are you specifically?

Here’s to a daisy, reminding me:
Love will transcend any history,
Love will transcend any divinity,
Love will transcend any second presently.

Do not turn to the west, and shift your blue gaze east.
Mercury, we are closest to the sun rising from Diana’s waves
over the Japanese, and follow this signature’s crease,
from which will pour the enduring care of the Universe.

July 17, 2015


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