Poem #20

Vanilla and latex…

I remember this naked day.
In my experience, memories of this kind
while sitting at a desk often increase
the size of my penis. It does so now.
And the morning, the afternoon, wakes so desirously!
To who; to whit, to who: a sunny note,
while sleepily Kaylyn doth turn her steerboard.
We contented there in the ebb and flow of waves
till I contented there expired.
O Fingers, how you whispered of sweet skin;
I kissed each head.
In the undertones of orchid’s bean
a plastic stings at taste buds.
O wild deer, how I long to forage and gather
in the hazel, in the deep woods of your eyes.


1) Lines 2-4 revised “Walnut” lines 4-6 by Galway Kinnell from
Strong Is Your Hold; replacing “bus” for “desk”.
2) Line 5 revised “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
line 75 by T.S. Eliot; replacing “the afternoon” for “the morning”, and “the evening” for “the afternoon”; “sleeps so peacefully!” for “wakes so desirously!”.
3) Lines 6-7 revised “When Daisies Pied” lines 25-27 by William Shakespeare;
“a merry note” for “a sunny note”; “greasy” for “sleepily”; “Joan” for “Kaylyn”
“keel” for “turn”; “pot” for “steerboard”.


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