Poem #16

These goodly colleagues’ lesson…

for Daron Olson and Paul Kriese
The truth shall be thy warrant.
Go, since I needs must die,
And give the world the lie.
from “The Lie”, by Sir Walter Raleigh
Go, goodly colleagues. Their guest
upon a filling, midday refection,
I, textbook assistant, attentive to rest
the tool of words: to hear a word of their profession.
Bearers of the cross, news channels, parents, bunnies don’t lay eggs.
Why do children color ovos from between a chicken’s legs?
‘Twas the cruelest month’s most special day,
named after Ishtar a farmer met at temple to lay,
and having the priestess fertile kept a flood or blight away.
Constantine called it Easter, and what our Christian’s say.
What is in the words of these goodly colleagues’ lesson?
What is in their warning: never to entice the anger of close-minded men?
How many great minds must die before a world will listen
to a soul, Sir Walter Raleigh? To call out a lie of a person
will make a truth into a lie, and falsity will not lessen
its tongue, or use of any weapon,
with however wise, with however kind a reason.
January 22, 2016


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