Poem #2

An aubade for my belle…

O thievery of sun, I remember you, whom stole my significant someone.
You connived her out of my bed. Once she was undone, from sheets in which we spun
to the carpet where walk begun to separate and to shun us from our
sleep, she typed on into an assignment’s fun. My love is a student. Woe my selfishness
of her, woe to my desire, burning fire, to set my heart’s wish ablaze, to have her for
a few sunlit moments, to take a few daylit hours to kiss every part and curve or recess
of her. It’s sabbath. We’ll find no recompense to our distance till a weekend more.
I’d be Tannhäuser, I’d be a squire for my Venus I set on a pedestal.
Yet I can’t steal her away from her future. Her intelligence continues to impress.
What devotion to wisdom. How she wins me over with her brain’s scepter.
In awe of her Crani’s power. My heart in the heat–ever wilder.


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